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Our passwords are case-sensitive, which means there is a difference between "B" and "b". The best way to ensure that your password is being entered correctly is to copy and paste your designated password into the password box. This is done by highlighting the password, right clicking with your mouse, and selecting "Copy".

Pregnant Moms: Here’s How to Score $35 in Brand Name Baby Freebies

You will then need to right click over the password box and select "Paste". Please make sure that you have highlighted only the password and not any additional spaces or characters. Many brands want you to sample their products. The philosophy is: If they love our products, they may buy them! So they want to give you samples to try for free! Companies love to give out freebies to people - people like you - you know what you like and what you don't.


If you like the free sample, chances are, you'll become a valued customer! That way everybody wins!

Apps That Give You Free Stuff - NO SURVEYS

Get your free stuff - register or login today! You can get as many free items from our free samples list as you want. There is no limit to how many freebies you can request, so go ahead - Login or register and get all the freebies you want. The free stuff never ends! Our list of free brand-name products are changing all the time. For up to date freebies, check our free sample page frequently for new free stuff.

Login now to see what's new. Click here to change your password. Please note you must be logged-in and know your current password in order to change your password. If you forgot your current password please go to our forgot password page. The sample types change from time to time, and reviewers have left positive feedback about the generous sample sizes. These products are meant specifically for mothers and their upcoming babies.

You must be expecting a baby within the next 9 months to qualify. Get free samples, coupons and other goodies delivered straight to your door. If you are up for leaving reviews, you can receive up to two free pens. Just submit your e-mail at the link above and follow the steps to receive your free sample s!

HealthyPage is dedicated to giving you a wide variety of free healthy food samples to keep you on the right track. All you have to do is fill out some simple questions about your lifestyle.

Free Diaper And Formula Samples

From there, HealthyPage will tell you where you can get the best free samples. You can also sign-up for their newsletter to keep receiving offers about free samples in your inbox. We all know Tresemme as one of the more popular shampoo brands on the market today. Expect to receive about one free sample every couple of months. Sign-up for this offer and get multiple samples from the Uneliver brand: shampoo, deodorant, aerosol spray, lotions conditioner and more. The only thing you have to do is fill-out a short 9-question survey that should take you under 2 minutes to complete.

These briefs are intended for those looking for briefs that are great for working out in. The briefs are meant for those with old age and with bladder leakage problems, but anyone can get the sample. It may take up to 6 weeks for your sample to arrive.

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Astroglide provides a number of different personal care lubricants. Simply click on the product you want, provide your shipping information, and provide a few details in the form. Your free Astroglide sample will be promptly shipped to you. Topical treatments for pain relief can feel like a lifesaver.

Downy is a very well-known brand of fabric softener, and they have a wide range of products for keeping clothes smelling fresh. You can get a free Downy sample and free coupons at the above link. You can also sign up for special offers and free coupons delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. Breathe Right nasal strips are designed to help open your nasal passages to relieve snoring while you sleep. By visiting the above link, you can choose from one of three Breathe Right styles to try. You can get a free Poise Starter Pack for moderate leaks or light leaks.

From baking soda to toiletries, they have a lot to offer. This toothpaste is designed to whiten teeth and produce noticeable results within five days. Playtex is another uber-popular brand name in the personal hygiene industry. Their line of sanitary products for women covers numerous wants and needs. Get a free sample of Playtex Sports pads, liners, and combo packs at the link above.

Save money with free stuff from brands you know and love.

You can get a free sample from this line by selecting your hair type from the drop-down menu and filling out the short form. If you want a free sample of Teint Idole Ultra 24Hour foundation, choose your shade and fill out the form at the link above. Nivea is a very reputable skincare brand that offers a huge selection of lotions, lip moisturizers, and more. They recently released a multi-purpose skin creme for men. You can get a free sample of this product by filling out a very short form. You can very easily get a free sample of this soap.

If you or someone you know struggles with incontinence, Depends is an excellent brand to check out. They have products designed for men and women, and they cover a broad spectrum of needs. You can get a free sample pack plus free coupons at the link above. Choose a gender, choose your sample package, and provide a bit of info. Then your Depends free sample will be on the way.

TENA is a leader in the incontinence product industry. They offer a huge selection of products that have been proven very effective. You can choose a sample pack that includes a variety of incontinence pads for either males or females. Just answer a few short questions, provide your shipping information, and your free sample package will be sent to you. Kotex has been a well-known name among women and girls for decades now.

They provide a huge selection of sanitary products that meet tons of unique needs. U by Kotex is a line of sanitary napkins, pantyliners, and tampons that are designed with comfort and sleek style in mind. Get a free sample pack at the link; there are four sample packs that you can choose from.

Sign up for a free account with some basic information about yourself and take a quick 3-question survey.

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Once registered, get notified by email of new samples. EverydayFamily will send you newsletters, coupons, magazines and free samples on all things baby and pregnancy related. All you have to do is fill out a bit of information and take a short survey. Most of the time I find that the samples that come from this list are items such as diapers and sample baby formula.

The best part about this site is that you can get a lot of other free things aside form just samples. Quality Health is a website dedicated to providing information about health and taking care of yourself. Therefore, most of the time their free samples are also going to be health-related.

This includes samples such as sunscreen, lotion, nasal strips and more. To sign-up, fill in some basic information and answer a quick survey about your current health condition. This is one of the more popular sample sites out there. You sign up for a free account and provide some basic information about yourself. If samples are immediately available, you just select which ones you want!

They feature constantly updated lists of free samples, and you can sign up for e-mail alerts about available freebies. That concludes my mega-list of free product samples straight from the manufacturer. I hope you enjoy the products that you choose to try out. You can also view our list of top 10 sites for finding general freebies online. If you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy how I got these 5 products on Amazon for free. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling! None off these sites give africans attention,we are not included to try out,i an a nigerian and i would love to try out samples.

Most of these sites require that you be a resident of the US or Canada. Very few companies will pay for overseas shipping.

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I attempted three times and decided not to persue the site any further. I found this website very interesting and learned so many things, thank youuu. But I found this other website which I got free samples.

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