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957 Jiffy Lube Consumer Reviews

See our Inspection FAQ. Oil change safety and emissions deals utah dsl angebote kabel bw coupons orem utah Likely to hold on to the older cars they already own or buy older used cars. At Valvoline Express Care, you will find we offer many services to keep your vehicle safe, efficient and maintained properly. Special Offers-UT. Print Email. UT safety inspections, Utah emissions testing, transmission repair, gear box Cheap emissions test near me Get off your next visit.

It has touched to the level of expertise with his writing. We are conveniently located so that you can visit either our Sandy Shop or Salt Lake City shop and get your safety and emission testing done quickly, so you can get back on the road. Get Directions Inspections. Master Muffler - Murray Minimum of 4 tire W. Our certified brake professionals will check your brakes and get you back on the Learn more We'll show Jiffy Lube locations near you and supply coupons to use when you go.

I can show you what mine look like if you like," and started to get out. He responded with, "Ok we won't change the air filters then. What a rip off the Elk River MN store was. Was up charged 20 bucks because my vehicle was 4 wheel drive. Never heard of such crap. Oil change has nothing to do with 4 wheel drive. Will never use Jiffy Lube again even if the oil change is free.

I'm taking all my business back to Valvoline. Very shady when I question why it was so much was told because it was 4 wheel drive. I was in the Cincinnati area visiting my mother on February 2, having driven from Mount Gilead, north of Columbus.


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The entire Jiffy Lube staff provided excellence in service throughout the visit. They changed the oil and also added antifreeze, which was a good bit low. In addition they replaced a burned out headlight. Next, they brought me the old air filter and it clearly needed replaced, being full of dirt and feathers. The air filter was ordered so that it would arrive the next morning. I came back around noon and learned that because the vehicle is somewhat of an older model, the parts depot didn't have one in stock.

So the office manager by the name of Earl arranged for the part to be available for installation closer to my home in Mount Gilead. He was very professional and courteous, even making the effort to follow-up later with a phone call to make certain that I would be able to get the air filter installed at the Jiffy Lube store nearest to my location. Earl also explained each charge on the bill and applied a discount where appropriate. It is refreshing to have had such a positive experience, and be sent away with a better running vehicle as the result of exemplary service during the entire visit.

There should be more professionals like Earl, who exhibits integrity, consideration, and care for customer satisfaction. As a result, I would recommend Jiffy Lube to anyone I meet. I went to Jiffy Lube in Myrtle Beach today for an oil change. The man knew I was disabled because I told him I didn't want to bend over to look under the car because I was disabled.

When he was listing things I needed, the price on his computer was something. When I went up to pay the price was That is Outrageous. I am Disabled. I only get paid once a month and now I have Zero Money Now!! They should show AND tell you what the price is every single time they add something on!!! I was ripped off and I had No Clue until I had to pay the bill.

What if I didn't have I am going to go file a claim against you in small claims court on Tuesday. Do I file a claim against Jiffy Lube in General or that specific store? I am angry and appalled that I was taken advantage of. What was done to me is Not Right. I am going to copy and paste this on Yelp and any other place I can find to let others know how I was Ripped Off Completely. Went here to buy a battery and the salesman upsaled me a 5 year warranty I didn't want but he promised it was a good value so I got it.

I come back 3 years later and of course they can't honor the warranty. They told me they don't do 5 year warranties anymore. Thats it's only 3 years now but how is that my problem? If I purchased a 5 year warranty that's what I should get. I told the manager I wouldn't be going back there and all he said was "ok".

He did not care one bit. Very disappointed. Stay away from Jiffy Lube Fuquay Varina. I watched the employees stand around while my car sat there. The person who refilled my windshield wiper fluid spilled it all over my engine, which was clean, and it is corrosive to at least rubber. I was so angry I tore up the receipt.

The tire rotation and oil change was completed first. The service guy proceeded to drive my vehicle outside as though it was completed. At that time my vehicle was struck by object in Jiffy Lube bay area. One of the service guy went to the driver and stated very frantically that he had scarred my vehicle on the passenger side lower bottom. So when the driver started to come back in to complete the emission he squirms around trying to avoid coming back in the way he went out so that I wouldn't see the damage that was done.

I immediately ask what happened and everyone just froze inside of the bay area. I suggested, "Well did he forget to put the emission sticker on? I been going to this location since getting service on another Chevy Malibu and never had any problem so it didn't prompt me to think that anything was wrong like this to my vehicle.

I immediately call and spoke to Mike that didn't seem to be concerned.

957 Jiffy Lube Consumer Reviews

He didn't even ask my name or what type of vehicle. He just told me to call back on Friday to speak to the general manager Tim. I called back this past Friday. Was told that Tim, the general manager, would not be in and the guy was very rude. He repeatedly stated, "What's the problem? What's the problem? Sorry, for the inconvenience that this might cause you. I own a Hyundai and have had my oil changed on three occasions where it resulted in an oil leak in my garage.

Twice it was a result of the oil plug being replaced incorrectly and most recently with a "faulty oil filter". In addition, when my car was brand new, they got oil on the visor and cloth ceiling. I will no longer be a customer of Jiffy Lube. Strike 3, you are out! I will go to the Dealer! Although the people were nice I left with an oil leak and faulty breaks that I didn't have before and their explanation is maybe it's my gaskets and cv boots Five days ago, I replaced my spark plugs and O2 sensor at Organic Mechanic and my car was in great condition and had no oil leak.

Now I can't go home for thanksgiving. Spent over 4 hours waiting for our car to be fixed. First they started work without clearing the job with me, then they didn't have the correct tools. All the employees did was stand around and smoke or make out with their girlfriends.

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Horrible horrible service. Just needed oil change and inspection. No problem right? Well no. They said they couldn't inspect because it was gushing oil when I drove up wish I would've asked to see the oil on the ground.

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Anyway taking it to mechanic the oil filter was stripped. Meanwhile my driveway is clean. Took our car in August for oil change. Drove from Arlington TX to Pennsylvania. Had oil checked in Pennsylvania at Jiffy Lube and was told it was a quart over which could cause problems. September had oil changed on car. Woke up this morning to oil stains all over our brand new parking slab. Took it up to Jiffy Lube and apparently there's a plastic piece that we need to make sure they clean up on our car???

Ok that is beyond ridiculous!! When asked if they were going to clean our parking space?? Never again.

Upset customer at Jiffy Lube

It seems this company is more interested in gouging you out of your money than providing honest service. Jiffy Lube was not always like that. When they first started out or when I first started going there, there was nobody trying to hard-sell you on additional services you didn't need. The other day I went to a Jiffy Lube for a basic oil change and when I left I was not really impressed by how my car was behaving. Usually I can tell if my car is running better or not, but when I left that Jiffy Lube I could not tell the difference.

As soon as you get into a Jiffy Lube these days, the clerks there rush you into some waiting room without getting much info on what you really need. Out of sight, they are able to do what they want with your car. When I looked at the receipt, Jiffy Lube had poured some "out-of-season" winter oil in my car in the middle of the summer! I drove the car like that for about 2 weeks until I finally stopped at a gas station, bought me a pint of oil and poured it into the car. The difference was like night and day.

Now my car drove quietly like it was supposed to. I doubt if I'll ever visit this Jiffy Lube again. I needed an oil change before heading to Baltimore Md, car way overdue and on a time crunch. They even worked with me to not take as long knowing my short availability. The rep at Jiffy Lies lied about needing a special oil. I've never and will never pay that much for oil change nor give them my business. They locked my keys inside the car and the manager had an attitude of I don't care.

I rank this store the worst of the worst. I am recommending all my friends who used to do oil change at this store to stop as soon as possible. I will make that campaign to all the people I know. Good with that manager his name is Kevin. Jiffy Lube is very unreliable. You will pay for one type of oil. They will charge you for what you want and put the cheapest oil in your vehicle, I know for a fact they have been putting gasoline engine oil conventional oil. I had to send my BAD oil to a specialist oil lab and the corporate office Ryan does not want to take responsibility for the negligence of his employees and compensate me.

Keep your cars out of jiffy lube because they are so unreliable it's disgusting and disturbing. So court it is. They did an oil change on Saturday, ran fine, went back home. I had to leave my car stranded because I was afraid to mess it up. My husband checked it The oil was all spilled over the inside of the hood. We even took a picture It's making a lawn mower sound when you gas it, I called Jiffy Lube and they said for me to take car back and put some oil in it and the noise would go away, we had to buy our own filter and 4 quarts of oil at O'Reilly's to put in ourselves just to drive it back to Jiffy Lube???

The guys there said it should be fine now and we asked to speak to a manager. I think my motor is shot.

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      jiffy lube coupons spanish fork Jiffy lube coupons spanish fork
      jiffy lube coupons spanish fork Jiffy lube coupons spanish fork
      jiffy lube coupons spanish fork Jiffy lube coupons spanish fork
      jiffy lube coupons spanish fork Jiffy lube coupons spanish fork
      jiffy lube coupons spanish fork Jiffy lube coupons spanish fork

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